Care of Crystals

Care and Cleaning of your Crystals
When I first started working with crystals I would be almost compulsive about cleaning them, however as time has gone by, and I actually started to listen to them, I discovered that they really don’t need to be cleaned as regularly as I believed. I really think it is up to each individual to tune into the crystals that they have been entrusted to work with. Who are we to say what a crystal wants? Listen to them, and they will tell you! It will usually be that first thought that pops into your head, before you start to analyze it, which is the one you are looking for. Often quiet and unassuming. Lately I have found that most of the time the crystals really just enjoy being in touch with nature, which restores their balance and rejuvenates their energy system (and ours as well).
Having said this, I have included several ways to clean and charge crystals if you feel inspired to.

Water:: Running water, distilled water or pure water, are great to use. Natural springs or streams are also excellent, as well as the ocean as they all hold the earth energy.
Salt water: adding only about 1 teaspoon salt to a litre of water, in a ceramic or glass bowl (not plastic or metal). Dip your stones in briefly and rinse. Some stones are sensitive to water and can dissolve or mark. Do not use on porous stones such as Malachite, Turquoise, Sulphur, Lapis Lazuli, Angelite, Halite, Selenite, etc
Sound: Toning: using your own voice. Taking a couple of deep breathes and holding your mind in a calm and peaceful place tone directly onto your crystal. Tuning forks, Tingshas, Singing bowls and crystal bowls: Sound it over your crystals while holding the intention of bringing your crystal back to a neutral vibration.
Smudging: Using incense or sage smudging sticks. Allow the smoke to blow around your crystal.
Cleansing spray: Lightly spray onto crystals- cleans and charges.
Visualization: Create an image in your mind of a waterfall or by the beach and see your crystals being cleansed in the water.
Amethyst: Geodes or clusters of Amethyst will cleanse your stones – remember to occasionally cleanse and charge these as well.
Stones that do not require cleaning are all striated stones (Kyanite, Kunzite, Selenite) as the energy passes straight through them.

While your crystals hold a constant vibration, it can ebb and flow to some degree, so to make sure they are at their peak they can be charged occasionally. Some of these processes can be used to cleanse the stones as well.
Dried Herbs: Burying your stones in dried lavender or sage will rejuvenate your stones.
Salt: Putting crystals directly into salt can be abrasive for some, rather fill a bowl with salt and place another bowl inside this one and place your stones into this bowl. You can leave them here safely for hours or days if needed.
Moonlight: This is one of the nicest ways to charge your stones. You can use any phase on the moon cycle, however the full moon is the most powerful. Putting your crystals out the night before, the night of and the night after the full moon, will give the full range of energies. The moon imparts feminine energies of compassion, healing and nurturing.
Sunlight: Note: too much sunlight can bleach or discolour some crystals. Maximum time is only a few hours, with the early morning or late afternoon being preferred. The sun will impart masculine energies of strength, power and assertiveness.
Earthing: You may place your stones or crystals directly into the earth to restore its energies. This method may take a little longer, and be sure to put a marker where they are if you bury them. Often I will put the crystals in touch with the earth, but underneath a plant for protection from sun. They can stay here for days or weeks if you feel the need.
Energy Grids: You can place 6 clear quartz terminators around your stone or crystal, with points facing inwards. A copper pyramid will also charge crystals.
Geodes and Clusters: Amethyst and Clear quartz will charge as well as cleanse your crystals.
Music: stones and crystals love all types of music, and it actually activates them as well. All music is vibration and has its own range of frequencies and healing properties.

Something to ponder on:
By saying if a crystal has taken on energies we begin a process of judgement if deciding to remove these energies.
The crystal chooses to take on or not to take on these energies and it will choose to rid itself of them or keep them on.
The crystal has its own form of consciousness. We cannot choose what energy is good or bad, positive or negative.
To crystals it is all pure energy that just ‘is’.
Crystals and stones have been on this earth for millions of years and will still be here long after we are gone.
I’m sure they have a better idea of what they need then we ever will.
Perhaps being mindful of our own thoughts, intentions and energies would be more respectful to the earth and the crystals,
rather than worrying about how energetically clogged the crystals might be.

Lorraine xx