Crystal Bottle Silver with Citrine

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Crystal Water Bottles from Equilibrium Natural Collections
500ml - Made from high quality glass (quite thick) with a food grade silicone seal and well manufactured gift boxes included. Includes tumbled stones which can be interchanged with others and is in a completely separate chamber to the water.  
Seed of Life – is a universal symbol of creation made of 7 interlocking circles. All religions use the seed of life with the oldest found is in the ancient Osirian temple located in Egypt. A symbol of sacred geometry, it is the blueprint of the universe and everything in existence can be founded on the shape of the Seed of Life. This symbol will add to the energetic power of the water.
How to use: Fill your bottle with water and create a crystal vibrational essence to drink, or use in a spray to energise and clear your space, feed your plants or care for your family and pets.