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All sessions are priced at $80 per hour.

Approximate times are given.

Please note: if you need to alter  your appointment time, please do so 24hours beforehand to avoid a fee.

Chakra Balance

These energy centres are gently realigned with the use of crystals,  guided imagery and meditation.

Approx 1 to 1½ hours

Energy Recharge

Using clear quartz clusters, this will give you a  quick energy boost, and you will leave to feeling able to cope with life again.

Approx ½  to 1 hour

Crystal Infusion

These are short sessions using many of the same type of crystal, such as Rose Quartz, Elestial Quartz, Blue/green healing ray , Calcite as well as others. Also a short meditation and will often include reiki and an aura massage as well.

Approx ½ hour

Vibrational Healing

A relaxing energy healing, working with Archangel Raphael, which allows the

healing to be delivered where it is needed throughout your body and auric fields.

Advanced Session

This healing is both meditative and interactive. It involves a chakra attunement, then crystals are placed on and around your body. Then with the help of visualization and breathing techniques you will be guided into learning of your own inner wisdom, and the freedom this gives you.

Approx 1½ to  2 hours.


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