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Lorraine has extensive experience working with crystals; a passion that was ignited when she was gifted a beautiful Herkimer Diamond pendant 20 years ago.
This started a journey into learning more about the healing possibilities our Earth has to offer us and she has spent many years training in different modalities
such as reiki, massage, aromatherapy, crystal vibrational therapy, TFH kinesiology, Austaralian Bush Flower and Liquid Crystal essences and shamanic work. 

Meeting her mentor Rachelle Charman has led to many beautiful experiences and a grounded spiritual outlook. Lorraine now feels ready to share her knowledge
with others and guide people on a journey to reconnect with their soul and to embrace their life purpose here on earth.

Lorraine has a deep desire for humanity to understand how they can empower themselves and discover that they are not helpless, that earth has provided all we
need to be happy and whole, and it’s just that sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way of truly experiencing our divine right to shine.

Mission- To assist humanity to find their own voice and be aware that each of us matters; empowering people to awaken to the realization that they are the key to
their own healing and happiness; and to connect people to their inner essence of who they really are.

Upcoming workshops

Includes FOUNDATION - 1 Day Workshop
INTERMEDIATE 2 Day Accredited and Certified Workshop
August 18th, 19th and 20th 2018 at
 Millthorpe CWA Hall, 21 Pym St NSW

Time: 10 am – 6pm 

Investment: $520 includes book, crystal chakra kit and extensive workbook
If you choose to attend the workshops separately the investment for the Foundation workshop is $170 – includes book and crystal chakra kit. 2 day intermediate workshop is $360 including workbook and accreditation

Foundation workshop 1 day 
Experience the loving, powerful energies of crystals and how they can assist you in activating the wisdom of your heart and soul as you experience your own divinity. 
Awaken and develop your own unique individual healing powers as you tap into your intuition, creativity, inspiration, higher self and your heart as you take this
powerful journey with the crystal kingdom. Throughout this workshop you will discover how to activate the healing energy that lies within.

  • Setting a sacred space – Releasing Ceremony

  • Inner Earth Crystal Deva Chakra Meditation

  • What are crystals? – Experience their energy

  • Clearing and Cleansing crystals

  • Programming crystals

  • Teacher Crystals (Master Crystals)

  • Crystal Grids – Learn how to activate grids

  • Crystal Essences – Learn how to make them

  • Crystals and their relationship to the Chakras

  • Crystal Healing – Crystal Chakra Balance

  • Receive and facilitate a Crystal Healing



    Intermediate workshop 2 Days

    Activate the wisdom and knowledge of your heart and soul as you connect with the Crystals and their energy of Divine Love. Rachelle's intention for this powerful workshop is to encourage you to step fully into your power as a crystal healer. This sacred workshop will run over two days where you will be taken on a journey of healing as you connect to the crystalline energies. You will learn how to promote deep transformational healing for yourself and others.

  • Initiation and Activation of the 13 Chakra’s

  • Akashic Record Mediation

  • Master Crystals – connecting to the crystal Deva’s

  • Crystal Healing Processes, Inner Child and Chakra Balancing

  • Step by step guide to facilitate a Crystal healing

  • Expanded Heart Grid

  • The three waves of Healing

  • The Healing Ray Crystals

  • The Dynamic Healing Crystals

  • Receive and Facilitate two Crystal Healings

  • Certificate on completion of required healings outside the workshop

  • Extensive workbook manual


    For all enquiries please contact
    Lorraine - 0401374504
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Crystal Awakening Advanced Workshop 1 day

August 18th 2018 CWA Hall 21 Pym St Millthorpe NSW 

Time 10am - 6pm

Investment $175 ($50 non refundable deposit is required when booking to confirm and secure your place in the workshop    

Learn a new healing technique to utilize in your healing practice and within your own personal life. Give yourself the gift of deepening your personal healing journey, as you are guided through sacred healing for self-empowerment and awakening.

This Advanced level workshop offers a powerful and profound practitioner process to share with your clients to help facilitate powerful change and healing at this important time on the planet.

We are all experiencing and living in such an exciting time here on Earth. A time predicted by the ancient prophets to be one of powerful transformation and dramatic change upon this planet. Many souls are awakening from their slumber all around the world and the crystal kingdom is hearing their hearts calling for support, guidance and healing. We are ready as a global consciousness to join together in love and oneness as we return home to our hearts moving forward into a new level of love, peace and harmony.

Learn a powerful life changing healing process in crystal soul retrieval and emotional release technique, as you will be given the opportunity to facilitate and receive this powerful healing process to share with others in your healing practice.

Certificate and accredited course.

For all enquiries please contact
Lorraine - 0401374504
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

 Crystal Infused Sacred Medicine Drum Making Workshop

Saturday 17th November at Millthorpe CWA Hall, 21 Pym St Millthorpe NSW

Time:10am - 4pm 

Investment $340 includes all materials - for all bookings we require a $100 deposit to cover some materials and to confirm and secure your place in the workshop

Have you even thought of making your own medicine drum?

Well now is your chance.
This is a special calling for those who feel passionate about creating and birthing a sacred medicine drum. 

I have some very powerful sacred skins and hoops and would like to invite you to come and share this creative birthing experience with us.


Birthing your drum:


•              Awaken to the deep knowledge of working with the Sacred Healing Medicine of the Drum. Discover your own innate

Shamanic Wisdom allowing you to connect to the ancient art of weaving and creating this Sacred Medicine tool.

•              Allow yourself to be chosen and guided by the hide of the Sacred Animal that has given itself for this creation

so that a new life can be birthed from the old.

•              The Sacred Animal and its spirit is honoured through deep Shamanic Ceremony and the infusion of Sacred Herbs,

Waters, Crystals, Divine Love and Gratitude.

•              The Drum is a Sacred Medicine tool created to connect us back to ourselves, the rhythm of our own heart

beat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

•              The Drum beat is the first sound we hear upon our creation within the womb.

When we play or hear the beating of the Drum it guides us to this sacred place, the womb of the Mother-the ultimate

resting place where we connect, heal, balance and nurture ourselves connecting deeply to our own heart.

•              Each drum is infused with divine crystal energy.


All our hides are sacred and superior quality and all tanned in a sacred space with old Native Prayers.

Each hide is infused with the magical properties of the crystal kingdom, enhancing its vibration.

She will then take you through a ceremony to enhance your connection with the Hide and lead you in creating and birthing your very own Medicine Drum. 

I’m committed to providing you with the best authentic medicine tool which will carry YOUR energy and intent throughout and after the birthing process. This Drum will empower you with each beat upon completion, and awaken you to the spirit within. 

For all enquiries please contact
Lorraine - 0401374504
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Coming Soon 
Crystal Shamanism 1 - October 13th and 14th October 2018 
Crystal Shamanism 2 - 2019 I'll keep you posted 
Crystal Awakening Oracle Card Workshop 



Cancellation Policy:
We do understand that things can come up at the last minute and things can happen that are out of your control. Accordingly, when you register for one of our events, the following cancellation policy applies:
• All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
• All cancellations or changes must be requested by email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
• Cancellations received more than 2 weeks prior to the event will be refunded, less a 50% cancellation fee.
• Cancellations within one week (as well as no-shows) are liable for the full registration fee.
• Where the Event is canceled, registrants will be reimbursed their registration fee.
We reserve the right to cancel or postpone an event in case the number of attendees is too low for the event to be meaningful. Replacement attendees may be substituted right up until the day prior to start of event date, at no cost, by providing written notice of the names of the original and substitute attendees. All Cancellations and replacements must be advised in writing via email.


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