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About Serenity Plus

                                                                                                   About Serenity Plus

Serenity Plus started out as a small giftware store, with emphasis on health and well being. It was our passion for
crystals and energy healing that first inspired us to open our small, but unique shop.  We have since added
complementry therapy services, providing emotional, spiritual and physical support.

We aim to provide quality crystals and unique jewellery from around the world,
and where possible, ethically sourced and manufactured.
Inspirational giftware, Essential oils, Bath salts and Wellness products, Salt Lamps,
Statues, Art work, Dreamcathchers, Banners, Aromatherapy diffusers, Incense,
Candles, Books, Journals and Cd’s, Tibetan singing bowls, Tingshas and Bells.

                                                      Complementry  Therapies

Jeni has completed study in crystal healing modalities and Touch for Health Kinesiology, and has a unique vibrational healing style, a relaxing energy healing, working with Archangel Raphael, which allows the healing to be delivered where it is needed throughout your body and auric fields. Also recently completed courses in Liquid Crystal and Starchild essences as well as a Diploma in Crystal Shamanism.

Lorraine has a background in massage and reiki, but has completed study in Crystal Vibrational Therapy, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Aromatic Kinesiology, Liquid Crystal and Starchild essences, Australian Bush Flower essences, Diploma in Crystal Shamanism and an Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine.
Lorraine is also an accredited teacher with the Crystal Awakening Academy and runs workshops in Crystal therapy.   

Currently a member of the EHA (Energetic Healing Association)


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