Mythos Kids Glasses Set of 4

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A glass especially created for the inner child in all of us that structures water in three minutes.

Marketed by Nature's Design as their Fauna and Flora line, “All beings are one” was the inspiration for creating this special collection for nature lovers and children. Utilizing the practical Mythos Tumbler that is robust and heavy duty, four different symbols with and accompanied affirmations were created expressing the connection between all beings of the planet. Each of the four glasses has an illustration and an affirmation. 

As with all of the Mythos tumblers, the special shape of the tumbler structures and revitalizes water in three minutes utilizing a volumetric representation of the form of sacred geometry called the Fibonacci Sequence. The molded shape makes the tumbler easy to hold and is almost impossible to knock over. 


Capacity - 250 ML / 8.45 fl oz

- Machine made in Poland

Material - Lead-free quartz glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F

Cleaning & Use - In order to maintain the integrity of the colored design on the bottom of the Mythos tumbler, we recommend hand wash with hot soapy water. If you do choose to use a dishwasher with this Mythos tumbler, please note that the colors of the symbol may fade or disappear completely with successive washings. The Mythos tumblers can be used for both warm and cold drinks. Do not pour boiling water into the glass as it may crack.