Love, Peace and Harmony 10ml Pulse point

AUD19.00 each

Love, Peace and Harmony – a blend of Organic Jojoba and Camellia oil with essential oils of Ylang Ylang, May Chang, Myrtle, Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Fragonia with Liquid Crystals and Australian Bush Flower essences 

Perfect for when you just need a hug!  Calms the nervous system and lets you take a few moments to regain peace.
Key words are light-hearted, nurturing, inner child, freedom, encouraging, dispels anger, joy, confidence, empowerment, uplifting, enthusiasm, harmony, balance, softening, kindness, self-trust, dignity, regain courage and passion, peaceful, breaking old patterns, celebrate, mindful, reflection, smile.
Available in a spray and Oil Blend (comes with a Rhodochrosite Crystal)