Ground and Clear Oil Blend 10ml

AUD40.00 each

Grounding and Clearing – a blend of Sage, Juniper, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Cedarwood combined with Liquid crystal and Australian Bush flower essences. Allows you to ground yourself when feeling hassled or overwhelmed. Perfect to clear a space in your home or healing area.   
Available in Spray, Oil Blend (comes with a Black Tourmaline Crystal) and Salt Scrub

Instructions for Oil Blend:
Oil Diffuser- 3 drops in a oil diffuser can assist with clearing unwanted energies and grounding ones self.
Your kit also contains a Black Tourmaline crystal which you can wear next to your skin or in your pocket to assist in healing. The feather is to lift your spirits and remind you that you are more than a physical being and that you have the ability to heal from within.
Key words are detoxify, purify, strength, dispel negative thought patterns, remove fear, back to centre, sustain, re-establish, transmute fear, protection, realigns, stand in personal power, cleanse, stillness, assurance, wise, ritual, shedding and electro magnetic energy.

Always use CAUTION with essential oils! Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid if pregnant or suffer from epilepsy. Avoid eyes and sensitive skin.

Disclaimer - Essential oils are not a replacement for conventional medicine, please consult a physician if symptoms persist.