Ground and Clear Spray

AUD40.00 each
Ground and Clear Spray

Grounding and Clearing – a blend of Juniper, Sandalwood, Sage, Vetiver and Cedarwood combined with Liquid crystal and Australian Bush flower essences. Allows you to ground yourself when feeling hassled or overwhelmed. Perfect to clear a space in your home or healing area.   
Key words are detoxify, purify, strength, dispel negative thought patterns, remove fear, back to centre, sustain, re-establish, transmute fear, protection, realigns, stand in personal power, cleanse, stillness, assurance, wise, ritual, shedding and electromagnetic energy.  
Available in Spray, Oil Blend (comes with a Black Tourmaline Crystal) and Salt Scrub

Sizes available
25 ml - $20
50 ml - $30
100 ml - $40

Disclaimer – this is just general information and not in any way meant to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment