Ground and Clear Salt Scrub 300 gr

AUD28.00 each

Grounding and Clearing – a blend of Himalayan, Epsom and sea salt with organic Jojoba and organic dried white Sage, Essential oils of Juniper, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Cedarwood combined with Liquid crystal and Australian Bush flower essences. Allows you to ground yourself when feeling hassled or overwhelmed. Perfect to clear a space in your home or healing area.
Key words are detoxify, purify, strength, dispel negative thought patterns, remove fear, back to centre, sustain, re-establish, transmute fear, protection, realigns, stand in personal power, cleanse, stillness, assurance, wise, ritual, shedding and electromagnetic energy. 

Directions - Apply to wet skin and gently massage in circular motion over entire body then rinse off under shower or bath.  

Also Available in Spray or Oil Blend (comes with a Black Tourmaline Crystal) 

Disclaimer – this is just general information and not in any way meant to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment