Skin Soothe 125ml

AUD32.00 each

Skin Soothe – contains top quality Aloe Vera gel, therapeutic grade essential oils, soothing
extracts and natural preservatives. Gentle enough for sensitive skins and children. 
Perfect for soothing the effects of too much time in the sun or wind, and also helps 
with skin allergies and bites.

Skin Soothe
I initially made this one for my children to help soothe sunburn; I then discovered it is helpful for skin irritation caused by rashes, bites, eczema and radiation burns. I also have clients using it for a light moisturiser on sensitive skin around their face and neck.
A blend of double strength Aloe Vera gel*, Jojoba Oil *, Infused oils of Calendula* and Centella, Extracts of Cucumber, Green tea and German Chamomile, Co2 German Chamomile and Rosemary, Essential oils of Lavender*, Roman* and German Chamomile*, Crystal and flower essences
* denotes organic

Disclaimer – this is just general information and not in any way meant to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment