Chakra Glass Boxed set

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 Drinking vitalized water influenced by special colours, symbols, words of affirmation and the shape design based on golden ratio, can help us to balance our chakras.

There are 7 Mythos chakra affirmation glasses:

Red 'Health' for root chakra, orange 'Harmony' for sacral chakra, yellow 'Courage' for solar plexus chakra, green 'Love' for heart chakra, blue 'Creativity' for throat chakra, indigo 'Intuition' for brow chakra and purple 'Wisdom' for crown chakra

According to Dr. Masaru Emotos scientific research water can absorb information within a shortest period of time. After only 3 minutes water in the Mythos Chakra Glasses is restructured, vitalised and ready to drink.



Individual Glass Size: 250ml