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The Nature’s Design wine glass has the most unique and energetically active design of any wine glass on the market today, and is suitable for all kinds of wine. This delicate design biologically enhances the crystalline structure of the liquid.

The 3-section design is like the musical relationship of the notes in a chord – the major triad. This delicate design can be recommended for the best wines, and even everyday wines are biologically enhanced in the crystalline structure of the liquid. The Nature’s Design wine glass with its gentle form is suitable for many types of wine. The gently flowing lines of the design make it an exceptional, original piece of glassware that optimises the flavour of all wines. Red wine in particular is quickly conditioned and ready to drink due to the shape of the glass. The “rounding” off of many of the intensive flavour components, achieved by the shape of the glass, is detected by many wine connoisseurs for example when tasting wines with strong tannin notes. In fact, wine connoisseurs around the world recommend the Nature’s Design wine glass as a degustation glass because the “honesty” of the wine is revealed by the form of the glass.

According to former vineyard owner “C.M” of South Australia: “They worked a treat with the ripple effect of the… glass surface helping with aeration and concentration of aroma and flavour…. the wine opened up quickly and held its intensity beautifully…well done on selecting this amazing glassware.” C.M, South Australia.

Following the first clinking of glasses in a toast, the inimitable sound of the Nature’s Design wine glass becomes unforgettable. Either way, it is an extraordinary piece to drink from, hold, and admire.

It is recommended that the glass be cleaned by hand because glass in general can be highly sensitive and react badly to aggressive cleaning (dishwasher). Despite its delicate shape the Nature’s Design wine glass is robust and suitable for regular use.

500 ml