Wine Carafe Rubellum

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This “Rubellum” wine carafe really delights many a wine connoisseur, it’s graceful and curved design are derived from the golden rectangle. When you decanting your wine into the “Rubellum” it alters the crystalline structure and pre-processes it organically.

The Flower of Life, in white, is emblazoned into the base of the Carafe. 

The gently flowing lines of the design make it an exceptional, original piece of glassware that optimises the flavour of all wines. Red wine particularly is quickly conditioned and ready to drink due to the Golden Ratio design. The “rounding” off of many of the intensive flavour components, achieved by the shape of the carafe, is detected by many wine connoisseurs for example when tasting wines with strong tannin notes.

 The White Flower
The colour white is renowned for it’s ancient purity. White is associated with goodness, with honesty, the beginning, perfections and innocence. The White Flower can empower you in many ways, opening up your perception and creating a feeling of openness to others ideas and being able to be take action on positive opportunities.

Capacity: 1 litre 
Production / material: Mouth blown created through traditional workmanship from lead-free glass.

"TC" carafes have been designed according to the principles of harmonic sound translated into physical form and "Sacred Geometry" - specifically the Fibonacci Sequence. The unique waved-shape of the glassware is inspired by the music of TC Chochola and formed using mathematical ratios found throughout the natural world. The 6-wave structure mirrors the crystallisation of revitalised water, which exhibits a 6-fold structure when in its pure state. The generation of harmonic resonance is the core focus of the TC design, positively affecting plants, animals and people. The silent vibration within the carafe creates waves of resonance that revitalises water and other liquids and energises the surrounding environment.The revitalising action of the carafe's internal chamber communicates with the water within it, and restructures the molecules to their original integrity.

When you put your TC carafe in a prominent position in a room, and preferably out of direct sunlight, the energy generated fills the space and enlivens the atmosphere in that room. No other energetic inputs such as electrical, magnetic, mental or other energies are required to obtain the effect of the glassware itself. Different carafes resonate to different notes - for example, the TC ALLADIN FAMILY carafe is tuned to the sound frequency of the note C, whereas the TC ALLADIN and TC DELICATE carafes resonate to the sound frequency of the note F.

Thomas Chochola, the creator of TC energy design products, has released two CDs of his music, which form the basis for his glassware designs.