Gemstone Vial 'Relax'

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Spring water
Amethyst, Rock Crystal (Clear Quartz), Rose Quartz - This mixture brings harmony and helps to deal with stress. It also provides motivation for new beginnings and clears the room of negative energy.

Rose quartz, Aventurine, Amethyst - This mixture calms emotions, relaxes and encourages a positive view of the world. It helps to increase self-esteem, protects and keeps you safe

Rock crystal (Clear Quartz), Magnesite, Red Jasper -This mixture balances bodily functions and increases body strength. It also supports self-esteem and increases energetic grounding.

Sleep Well
Amethyst, Fluorite, Orange Calcite - The Sleep Well mixture supports inner peace and relaxation. In addition it helps to dispel fear and lightens the mood

Aquamarine, Sodalite, Rock crystal (Clear Quartz)
The Vitality mixture enhances creativity, communication and cooperation. It restores energy balance and strengthens the immune system.

Instructions for use - Place the vial into any pitcher or container filled with water. The gemstones start to work immediately, and after approximately 5 minutes the water has become vitalized and restructured.

Good to know: The vials are not sealed and gemstones can be exchanged if needed.