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What is Crystal Healing

Why Crystal Healing?

There are many energy based healing modalities out there now, and I have a great respect for all of them. A lot of people are getting great results from finding an inner side of themselves they never knew existed.

Crystal healing is another form of energy healing and there is a science behind it.

All matter on this earth vibrates at a certain frequency, the more physical the matter, the lower the frequency. Higher frequencies tend to be a bit more invisible to the naked eye, but exist equally as much. Examples such as radio waves, sound waves

Crystals have their own set of frequencies, which is why some crystals will work better on physical issues and others work on more spiritual and emotional issues. Regardless of what you want to work with all crystals will vibrate at a very strong, consistent frequency.

And this is where the ‘Law of Resonance’ comes in. This is a law of physics of how energies interact with each other, and all energy based healing modalities will be governed by this law.

It states that if two vibrating systems of matter come into contact with one another, one of two things will occur:

  1. If the vibrations are the same, (or nearly) they will slightly adjust their vibrations until they mutually reach a common vibration that creates a third more powerful vibration called a ‘resonant field’. Example: when you instantly hit it off with someone at a party, and feel totally connected to them and discover that you share many similar belief systems.

  1. If one vibration is weaker, it must shift its energy to match that of the stronger vibration- until a resonant field is produced. Example: when someone walks into a room who is obviously very angry and agitated, you may start to feel an energy surge and begin to feel defensive and agitated, because they’re vibrating a lot louder then you are, you have just resonated with their energy.

In relation to crystal healing it is the vibrational properties of the crystals that can bring about a resonant healing field. When you move into a state of resonance with a crystal or stone, the corresponding mineral components in your body vibrate at the rate of frequency of that stone’s energy. The major energy centres causing subtle changes in the electrical and magnetic systems of the body pick this up. This shifts biochemical signals being sent, right through to a cellular level. This will help move the body towards a state of improved health and a chance to improve a flow of universal energy.

Our own bodies are effectively liquid crystal with many of our components such as blood and connective tissue having a similar structure as the crystal lattice. Our bodies also contain all the minerals that make up many crystals. This is why crystals and their essences work so well with our bodies. However, crystals have the ability to hold their vibration at a more consistent level, which in turn lets them bring our bodies into resonance with them. Because they have the energy of the earth behind them, they will always be the stronger field.  

References: Becoming the Human Crystal by Naisha Ahsian


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